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In France, from a sporting point of view, not enough focus is given to strengthening our structure, our vehicle, our skeleton. When we are young, we rely on our youth and eagerness but our body is by no means optimised.


Stott Pilates is a method dedicated to preserving and optimising your body by focusing on what is key; the body’s structure, its skeleton!   It invites us to strengthen our vehicle so it can support us, pain-free, until the end of our days.

When you enter the studio for the first time, Corinne proposes an introductory session lasting

45 minutes during which she presents the 5 main principles of Stott Pilates, which are as follows:

  1. Breathing for deep muscle strengthening;

  2. le bassin, placé dans une position dite « neutre » ;

  3. la cage thoracique, pour une bonne tenue du haut du corps ;

  4. les omoplates, pour une bonne stabilité du haut du corps ;

  5. les cervicales, qui se doivent d’être fortes et musclées.


This session also enables Corinne to see if your “body-mind” connection is in place and to get to know your body via the five afore-mentioned principles.


From that moment on, either in (small) group lessons or individual classes, you can begin this body learning experience and the fascinating work of Stott Pilates!

Since the end of 2013, with all of my groups I work using a line, real or imaginary, that goes from the toes to the ribcage.

I want my students to be aware of this line that supports the body.


Deep Pilates work is about making students aware of the fact that each part of the body needs to understand how it interacts with the others and works independently from the others. It is increasingly important that people have awareness of their body.


Having a brain like a Ferrari is great but what's the point if your body is a 2cv!


As long as all of the body’s links are still in place, the machinery can be repaired and it is this process that leads to body awareness.


In Pilates, the notion of failure does not exist, each exercise is a success!  Either the body has assimilated the exercise or we enter the realm of learning and that is when things become fascinating!


Remember that both here at the studio or during a week-long programme, pain-free effort is the key to an intensive workout.  It’s impossible to know what this feels like unless you have done Pilates.

Why GYROKINESIS® exercise?


GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

The GYROKINESIS® method is a logical follow on from Pilates (for me). The body’s bone structure, and in particular the spine, move on various axes, in a seated position on a stool and then on the floor. 


GYROKINESIS® exercise uses movements on axes that differ to Pilates, enabling an alternative expansion of the body. This means that I can get my students to develop their physical mobility in a number of ways, offering a wonderful all-round approach.

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